Management and maintenance of IT systems

Održavanje računala

A complete solution for you IT! Todays companies can not imagine working without computer technology. Crashes, slow computers and security issues all affect their bussines.

Gorila IT maintains Your IT system and provides costumer support, allowing You to concentrate on on your bussines goals. Gorila IT can be your complete IT solution, for a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff.

You can gain acces to the collective knowledge of engineers who specialize in providing IT support services to companies. We can provide IT support previously reserved for much larger companies.

Web design

web stranice

CMS based web sites We create web sites based on renowned "content management systems", which later enable clients to easily manage the content and maintenance of the site. Web sites are based solely on our own desing templates or in cooperation with renowned design studios. We do not use ready-made templates. We have a long expierence and we strive to maintain quality contact with all clients by deepening our cooperation even after creating a website with aditional services at affordable rates.

SMB backup

SMB backup

Service of making and storing backups of critical data to a remote location.

The challenge set before each company.
If insufficient attention is not given to risks that threaten computer systems,situations that cause delays in bussines are very much possible. Today, computers and applications are used to increase productivity, reduce costs and save time requiered to perform the job.
To prevent unplanned downtime of systems, organizations and users must regulary perform procedures of making and maintainng backups. Not doing so could lead to catastrophic consequences for both users and the organisation. The main cause is that the business is dependend on information technology. The information system is a part of the infrastructure of the organisation and therefore it's unavailability or the destruction of data pose a great threat that requieres planned control measures and procedures that increase the chance of a complete, safe and inexpensive data restoration.

Network design and cabling

projektiranje mreza

Need a network infrastructure? Engineers with years of experience in designing telecommunications networks will design Your network.

Each project is documented and measured by competent engineers and technicians.