IT systems management and maintenance for medium and large companies

Preventive maintenance and pro-active approach to problem solving ensure high system availability!

Preventive maintenance involves the care and service of the IT system in order to remain in satisfactory performance, using systematic monitoring, detection and correction of potential failures before they occur. The aim is to have a system that will never break down, and we provide it by periodically checking the properties and functions of the system.

Kolektiva WEB d.o.o.Kolektiva, the first Croatian site for group buying is the best example of a company that is known to take advantage of letting Gorila IT take care of it's information system. A company with an extremely rapid growth both in employees and IT needs could only be followed by an appropriate service.

“Gorila IT is a professional partner in providing management services and maintenance of IT systems. Since the beginning of cooperation with Gorila IT we turned our self only to new business problems, and have passed the burden of the information system to them...“.
- CTO of Kolektiva WEB d.o.o.


Gorila IT support is more cost effective than hiring internal IT resources.

Selecting Gorila IT you choose simpler planning.

Selecting Gorillas IT ensures flexible IT support that adapts to your needs and follows the trends of your company.

Gorila IT is organized to manage your IT system and give you support when you need it most. Regular monitoring of the system and the network enables reliable operation of your computers, servers and network devices, and reduces the inoperability time of system and increases productivity. Selecting Gorils IT you gaine access to specialized talented experts who are a part of your team. Therefore, regardless of the technology Gorila IT has professionals who can help you with your specific needs.

Gorila IT constantly invests in its own experts so that the highest standards are always met.

Gorila IT has access to special discounts on computers and software you need.