IT systems management and maintenance for small companies

With solutions for small companies we offer flexible and price acceptable services with terms that have, until now been reserved only for big companies!

IT is a critical component for a company of any size, and smaller companies often have acces to limited or no resources. However, You still need a reliable network infrastructure, servers and computers that give you bes performance. Hiring your own IT staff can be expensive. Even with an IT expert, you could miss on certain skills and expertise needed for todays regular business tehnologies.

Pro Kolekt d.o.o.Pro Kolekt d.o.o., a successful and internationally recognized company in the field-of-court debt collection and assessment of the creditworthiness of business partners recognized the gorilla IT as a serious business that can provide total reliability and support their system with predictable cost.

"Today I see that it was the right decision to leave the care of our IT to an outsourced company which we believe. I did not want to have aditional costs for full-time IT staff, and now I know that it would be unnecessary, especially under the conditions that companies like Gorila IT provide."
- CEO of Pro Kolekt d.o.o.

Gorila IT support is more cost effective than hiring internal IT resources. IT staff is expensive, and requires high wages and benefits. It is estimated that small businesses save 25-50% when entrusting an external IT company in relation to the recruitment of IT professionals of an intermediate level.

By Selecting Gorila IT you have access to specialized talented experts who are a part of your team. Therefore, regardless of the technology Gorila IT has professionals who can help you with your specific needs.

Selecting Gorila IT ensures flexible IT support that adapts to your needs and follows the trends of your company.

Gorila IT is organized to manage your IT system and give you support when you need it the most. Regular monitoring of the system and the network enables reliable operation of your computers, servers and network devices, and reduces the inoperability time of system and increases productivity.

Gorila IT constantly invests in its own experts so that the highest standards are always met.

Gorila IT has access to special discounts on computers and software you need.

Models of maintenance for small businesses:

smb600 smb1200 smb1600