SMB backup

SMB backup

Service of making and storing backups of critical data to a remote location.

The challenge set before each company.
If insufficient attention is not given to risks that threaten computer systems,situations that cause delays in bussines are very much possible. Today, computers and applications are used to increase productivity, reduce costs and save time requiered to perform the job.
To prevent unplanned downtime of systems, organizations and users must regulary perform procedures of making and maintainng backups. Not doing so could lead to catastrophic consequences for both users and the organisation. The main cause is that the business is dependend on information technology. The information system is a part of the infrastructure of the organisation and therefore it's unavailability or the destruction of data pose a great threat that requieres planned control measures and procedures that increase the chance of a complete, safe and inexpensive data restoration.

Most of small and medium-sized companies have implemented some sort of a security policy, but only a small part companies keep a backup on a remote location.

Gorila IT has decided to offer a backup on a remote location with a high degree of protection for small and medium businesses this allowing them to raise the level of security at an acceptable cost and also to rasie the level of service regarding custome support in an event of a system failure.

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Terms of service

Clients that are under contract

  1. the service is done during regular system checkup (1 technician working hour, 1 onsite arrival)

Other clients

  1. the service is done at pre-arranged times

Types of data transfer

  1. physical
  2. WAN
  3. sFTP



Regular price

  1. Clients that are under contract - 0,00 Kn

  2. other clients - 300,00 Kn

Price per GB of the device that is being backed-up (external HDD, specific location on a HDD ...)

  1. first 200 GB - 1,00 Kn/GB
  2. over 200 GB - 0,50 Kn/GB