SMB 600 - maintenance model for companies with up to 6 computers and no server



With solutions for small companies we offer flexible and price acceptable services

with terms that have, until now been reserved only for big companies.

IT is a critical component for a company of any size, and smaller companies often have acces to limited or no resources. However, You still need a reliable network infrastructure, servers and computers that give you bes performance. Hiring your own IT staff can be expensive. Even with an IT expert, you could miss on certain skills and expertise needed for todays regular business tehnologies.

Monthly fee: 600,00 Kn + VAT.

Terms and availability

  1. guaranteed response time of 12 hours
  2. availability of maintenance services on weekdays 9:00 to 5:00 pm
  3. planning, corrective and proactive maintenance
  4. onsite administration
  5. remote administration

Service provided by monthly contractual obligation

  1. technician work in the shop or on client location
    equivalent to 600 Kuna (for example. 4 technician working hours)
  2. 1 onsite visit
  3. performing preventive supervision and inspection of equipment
  4. small technician supplies
  5. procurement of equipment with additional discounts

Included services

  1. network infrastructure maintenance
  2. peripheral devices maintenance
  3. computer maintenance
  4. server maintenance
  5. e-mail system maintenance
  6. file-sharing system maintenance
  7. backup system maintenance
  8. education and consulting

Convenience for new clients with an
obligatory contract time of 6 months

  1. free system documentation 
  2. purchase of NAS systems with reduntant disks for better data security with discount prices
  3. free file-sharing system implementation

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