About Gorilla IT

In short, what you need to know about us

Our success is based on proactive collaboration with our customers, where we listen to their needs by building and maintaining reliable, scalable and secure information systems.

24/7 management

With the appropriate equipment, Gorilla IT monitors your key network resources such as firewalls or routers in the mode that best suits you


The Gorila IT team provides its users with the best of IT technology as well as experts in solving all upcoming challenges to provide the best IT service


Gorilla IT allows you to easily log in and track the work on your system through the customer portal





Computers under maintenance



Solutions used by our clients

Proactive system maintenance 95%
End-user education and consulting 50%
Research new solutions 70%

Gorila IT - Management and maintenance of IT systems Newsletter system Web designing and developing Education and consulting

Gorilla IT d.o.o. specializes in providing professional design services and construction of information systems, education, and technical support for small and medium-sized enterprises. We deliver excellent, cost-effective IT services to our satisfied customers.

Our success is based on a proactive partnership with our customers where we listen to what their needs are and build reliable, scalable and secure information systems.

What is our ultimate goal?

By using our business, organizational and IT knowledge and experience, especialy our commitment and perseverance, our mission is to improve our clients business and to support their growth and development.

Where do we see us?

Our vision is to become the leading firm in management and maintenance of IT systems in Croatia in the small and medium-size business segment.

What are most important values for us?

We build long term and solid partnerships which are based on close cooperation and mutual benefit.
We believe that persistence and perseverance while maintaining high quality of service and professional staff is the key for long term success. By accepting new challenges, expanding our knowledge and skills and with a lot of work we are on our way towards success.
Such qualities we seek, we encourage and appreciate