Management and maintenance of IT systems

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

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Gorila IT

A complete solution for you IT!

Today’s companies can’t imagine working without computer technology. System crashes, slow computers, and security issues all affect their business.

Gorilla IT reflects your IT system and provides customer support, allowing you to concentrate on your business goals. Gorilla IT can be your complete IT solution, for a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff.

You can gain access to the collective knowledge of multiple engineers who specialize in providing IT support to companies. We can provide IT support that was previously reserved only for much larger companies.

How do we do it?

By Selecting Gorila IT you have access to specialized talented experts who are a part of your team. Therefore, regardless of the technology Gorila IT has professionals who can help you with your specific needs.

Proactive maintenance 90%
Education of the end user 75%
Research new solutions 70%
Intervention in purchase 80%

What do customers think?


Professional, reliable and talented with excellent skills.

Team approach

Gorilla IT team provides its users with the best of information technology as well as experts in dealing with all the upcoming challenges to provide you with the best IT services. Your technology needs will be closely related to solving pressing problems. Your satisfaction is dependent solely on the work of our staff and our processes. That is precisely why we carefully select members of our team. Gorilla IT system engineers and consultants are highly qualified, permanent employees and continuously trained in the fields of computer, server and networking technology.

Costumer support

Our costumer support center will help you in solving problems that don’t require immediate engagement. Experienced technical experts solve computer, server and network problems on your request. With the help of remote access tools all current problems on your IT equipment can be solved.

IT strategy and planning

There are a number of technologies today that are available to us in order to improve your system, keep it better and cheaper to maintain. We can help you develop a strategy that will take advantage of these technologies to work for you. We provide strategic planning and help in the integration and implementation of various technological solutions.

Continous 24/7 remote management of IT systems

With the proper equipment Gorila IT monitors your critical network resources such as a firewall or routers in a regime that best suits your needs. If there is a critical warning system, our engineers will analyze, repair or escalate the problem further. Experienced technical experts use the right tools for remote access to your system to make solving problems faster, more save and effient.

Gorila IT intervention in purchase

Gorilla IT participates in the development of your business environment. Our system engineers advise you when choosing hardware, software, network equipment and peripherals. We help during buying or renting technology, installation or maintenance of the same. We offer procurement of goods at preferential rates exclusively reserved for our users.

Telephone support

We provide phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may contact any of the technicians or engineers if you have a problem. Most problems can be solved remotely so that you can continue to work within the system without losing precious time and waiting for a technician to come to your location. We provide assistance in all aspects of IT operations.

On-site support and emergency support

We provide support through regular system checks when our experts perform background checks and optimization of IT infrastructure. We also provide support in emergencies and unforeseen problems.

Use IT to your advantage

Can I do better, faster or easier my everyday tasks? Those are the questions that you have to ask yourself and you can answer them by using  IT solutions tailored to you and your internal processes.